TheUtilityWarehouseDiscountClubYou may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse before. They don’t spend their customers’ money on expensive advertising campaigns. Instead, they rely on the best form of promotion there is – personal recommendation from satisfied customers.

Joining the Utility Warehouse Discount Club means that you SAVE:

  • Single bill for all your utilities
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Value that’s unbeatable
  • Easy to switch

They provide over 400,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK with Home Phone, Mobiles, Broadband, Gas and Electricity, the more services you take, the more you save.

Louise Monblat is an authorised distributor and a Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce Member:

Louise Monblat-UtilityWarehouseDiscountClub“I offer a free assessment of both business and domestic utility bills. I establish how much can be saved for each service. If the customer decides to switch, I take care of the whole switching process. The services are Which? Magazine recommended. There are also a couple of other ways to save; by using the cash back card and by the ‘share and save’ plan. Please see my website for more information. I am also able to offer the opportunity for people to make an additional part time income helping others to save money on their utility bills.”

Where do you want to start saving? Home Phone, Broadband, Mobile, Gas and Electricity, contact Louise today to see how much you could save on your businesses utility bills!

Tel: 01225 765451 / 07749876195


Website: and

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