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TCC LogoWhat is the “Member2Member” Scheme?

Here at the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, we are encouraging businesses to support their local economy by using local suppliers, and if you are local Trowbridge Chamber member – we need you to get involved.

We are looking for your support for our “Member2Member” Scheme initiative, and we hope that as a local member you can assist us to reduce business costs by offering an exclusive discount and/or special offers to other Trowbridge Chamber members.

If, as a current member, you feel you could support this initiative, details your exclusive discounts and/or special offer here and we will be of contact. If you are not a member, and would be; complete our simple online form and we will be in contact.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Why you should be a member of your local Chamber

TCC LogoWhy join the Chamber?

Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce is a “Support Through Business” Network – an essential business membership network that brings together companies of all sectors and sizes to promote mutually-beneficial working relationships, providing a platform for members to develop their business and become increasingly successful at what they do.

Local organisations join for many reasons. Some join simply for the networking opportunities, to broaden their customer base and network of contacts. Some join for the topical seminars which are open to all company employees, providing them with knowledge and ideas that they can implement within the workplace.

Other organisations join because it compliments their social responsibility strategy or they want the credibility of being a member of an organisation with a reputation for lobbying locally for improvements to the environment in which local businesses operate.

Whatever your orgnanisation’s current size, sector or situation, there is always a reason to be a member of this “Support Through Business” Network and we hope that you will find membership useful as you strive to become more successful within your own business.

Benefits of Membership

It’s not just the organisation that joins the Trowbridge Chamber – every one of your employees becomes a member of our “Support Through Business” Network with opportunities to get involved and benefit personally and professionally from our offering.

Increase Sales & Profitability

  • Promote organisational successes and raise awareness of your brand with regular news articles in our quarterly members’ e-magazine, for free
  • Publish your organisational news and promote events on the Trowbridge Chamber website – www.trowbridgechamber.co.uk
  • Exclusive opportunities to sponsor a networking event relevant to your target market
  • Take advantage of discounted rates to advertise in the Trowbridge Chamber e-magazine.
  • Reduce business costs with exclusive discounts and special offers from other Trowbridge Chamber members through the “Member2Member” Scheme

Get Involved and Increase Your Contacts

  • Raise local issues by joining your local Trowbridge Chamber executive committee
  • Share ideas for future events by joining an Impact Group
  • Attend some of the events, seminars, workshops and exhibitions we hold in the local area every year.

If the Trowbridge Chamber is an organisation that you would like to get involved in, email us at info@trowbridgechamber.co.uk or complete our quick online contact form and for as little as £90 per year, you will be joining the voice of the local business community – Contact us today!


Who are we?

Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce - Support Through Business

Trowbridge Chamber was founded on 29th January 1901 and we are still here well over 100 years later, representing local business. Use the hot keys below to find out more about us, the services we offer and how you can become part of our organisation. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Led by an Executive Committee made up of volunteer members of the business community, the President, Vice-President(s) Treasurer and Executive members, the chamber acts as a conduit for business advice, networking opportunities, community integration and promotion and development of the town.

If you need any additional information, or you would like to have an informal chat about joining our chamber, please give Colin Kay, Chariman, a call on 07941 288475.

Our Objective is: To promote and strengthen the business community of Trowbridge and District and ensure a vibrant future for Trowbridge.

Our Aims:
• be the voice of the local business.
• be the natural source of best business practice.
• be the prime source of business networking.
• grow our membership so we are truly representative of the businesses in our town.


Have something on your mind?

Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce - Support Through Business

Find your support through business – the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce

The Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce is evolving, with exciting new online and membership offerings, just around the corner, we need you to support your local Chamber. We are here to ensure the voice and opinions of the business community of Trowbridge are heard, so the stronger our membership, the stronger our voice will be.

If you are interested in joining your local chamber for as little as £90 a year, saving you £100s in valuable business networking oppotunities, click here.